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Capsule Product

Capsules are very common dosage forms for dietary supplements

• Capsules require minimal use of excipients, dissolve quickly in the stomach, mask unpleasant tasting ingredients, and are easy to swallow.

• Enteric coated capsules can resist the gastric juices in stomach and dissolve upon reaching the intestines.

• Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients because they act in concert; they perform hundreds of roles in the body.

Softgel Product

Softgels offer several advantages over other oral dosage forms

• Softgels have elegant appearances and can enhance active ingredients.

• Softgels have the ability to mask strong odors and unpleasant tastes As with capsules, gelatins can come from a variety of sources.

• Softgels are favored by many consumers for their smooth, easy-to-swallow texture, and are the first choice for oils and other liquid ingredients. The softgel allows for better absorption than tablets and hard-shell capsules and have an advantage for having a long product shelf life.

Tablet Product

Tablets are very popular solid dosage forms that can be produced as uncoated, coated, or chewable

• Tablets can be made with or withour diluents and can differ greatly in size, shape, and weight. Tablets offer several types of coating and imprinting options to make a unique product.

• Tablets are also incredibly shelf stable and retail their potency longer than other supplement forms.

• Tables are safe to crush or cut into smaller pieces as necessary in most cases. Because of these advantages, Tablet has become one of the most common form on the nutritional supplement market.

Powder Product

Powders are the simplest dosage forms and the fundamental make-up of many other doage forms

• Powders are quite advantageous in that they dissolve more quickly than compact dosage forms. Also, powders can avoid stability problems encountered in liquid dosage forms and can be used for ingredients that are not water soluble.

• This form can be taken in straight powder form or can be mixed with a liquid. Like the gummy, this form allows to create a customized flavor profile for you.

• The powder can be mixed with water or mixed with your choice of liquid.


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